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Cigar Etiquette

  Cigar Etiquette


What to do when someone asks you to put your cigar out.
First off, if you are outside or in a designated smoking area, just do nothing. You can simply look at them and nod or just smile and ignore them. If someone you know asks you to put it out and you are in a close area, then put it out no matter what the cost of the cigar is. If you are not in a crowed area and smoking is allowed, then simply move away from the area they are in. If they approach you, simply move away form them again. They will get the message.

If the person who is asking is other than Former Military and you ARE Former Military, we can not suggest this method, but we have heard it does work. Simply STOMP THEIR GUTS OUT!!! But like we said, we can not suggest this for many reasons. The foremost being the legal ramifications if you end up getting your GUTS STOMPED OUT!!!

There are many witty comebacks that you can always unload on the person who is trying to infringe their wish and way of life on you to prevent you from grasping them firmly about the neck!