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Lighting your cigar


Lighting Your Cigar:

  • When lighting your cigar, make sure you hold it at a 45 degree angle with the end away from your mouth pointing down.
  • Place the flame gently underneath the end of the cigar. Do not touch the flame to the cigar; this will cause the end to light up too quickly. Rotate the cigar slowly in your fingers and lightly char the end. Smell the smoke as the first aromas rise from the leaves.
  • Now that the cigar is giving off a small amount of smoke, place the cigar in your mouth.
  • With the cigar in your mouth, hold the flame below the end, still making sure that the cigar and the flame never touch.
  • Slowly pull the smoke in and out of your mouth while gently rotating the cigar.
  • Now that the end of the cigar is evenly lit – sit back and enjoy the moment.  

Ways to Light Your Cigar:

  • Paper Match
    • Not the best way to light your cigar due to the high sulfur taste the match will give off when lit.
  • Wood Match
    • Wood matches are better that Paper Matches because the sulfur burns off very quickly.
  • Fluid Lighters (i.e. Zippos)
    • These will work in a pinch, however the lighter fluid may cause the cigar to have a gasoline-like taste.
  • Butane Lighters
    • One of the best ways to light your cigar. Butane has no taste or smell and therefore will not interfere with your cigar’s aroma. You can find a great selection of Butane Lighter in the Lighter section here.
  • Cedar Match
    • Another great way to light your cigar. Break off a piece of cedar from your cigar box and use this strip to light the cigar. The cedar will light the cigar well and will not harm its tastes and aromas.