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How to Cut your Cigar
with Aria Giovanni

How to Light your Cigar
with Aria Giovanni

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Cutting your cigar


Cutting Your Cigar:

  • When cutting your cigar always make sure you have the appropriate tools.
    • Guillotine or Flat Cut
      • Place the head of the cigar through the cutter-hole to the point where the end begins to curve to its peak (the head).
      • Cut the top of the cigar off, leaving the bottom of the curving peak (head) intact.
      • The Guillotine cut allows for an easier draw and cooler smoke.
    • V-Cut
      • Using a V-Cutter, place the head of the cigar flush against the cutter-hole.
      • The V-Cut will leave the head of the cigar intact.
      • The V-Cut prevents any tar from touching your tongue.
      • This cut allows for an easy draw and cool smoke.
    • Bullet Cut / Bulls-Eye-Cut
      • Place the end of the bullet cut flush with the tip of the cigar’s head.
      • Slowly turn the cutter into the head in a “drilling motion”.
      • Once the bullet’s blade is fully in, gently pull the cutter out, still using the “drilling motion”
      • The Bullet Cut leaves the head intact and allows for a cool, easy smoke.