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  Wrapper Colors and Definitions
  • Commonly Used Terms:
    • Claro              –         green
    • Natural          –         brown
    • Maduro           –         dark brown
  • In-depth Terms:
    • Double Claro                        -           very green
    • Claro / Jade / Candela          -           green
    • Natural Claro                        -           khaki
    • Natural / Colorado                -           brown
    • Natural Maduro                   -           light-dark brown
    • Maduro                                 -           dark brown
    • Oscuro / Maduro Maduro    -           black                                                 

How Wrapper Effects Cigar Taste

  • Claro Wrapper:
    • This type of tobacco leaf wrapper is harvested prematurely and therefore has a low sugar and oil content. Due to the low amounts of sugar and oil, these cigars tend to be very mild in flavor. The fact that the wrapper does not have much oil content means that the cigar tends to burn faster.
  • Natural Wrapper:
    • The Natural tobacco leaf wrapper matures on its own and is hung in a barn to dry. The leaves have a medium amount of oil and sugar content. The increase in oil and sugar causes these cigars to have more flavors. Cigars wrapped in a Natural Wrapper burn slowly and have a very flavorful taste.
  • Maduro Wrapper:
    • The Maduro tobacco leaf wrapper matures in the fields and gets the most sunlight of all the wrapper types. The high amount of sunlight causes the Maduro wrapper to sweat natural oils and increases sugar content. Cigars wrapped in Maduro leaves have tremendous flavor. These cigars burn very slowly and command wonderfully full taste.